The Winemaker

Angelos Noulas travels and selects the most distinctive terroirs of the Greek land for his creations.
The objective of his vinification is ageing and evolution of the wine into the bottle.
A continuous dialogue with quality and time…


A culturally diverse and innovative winemaker with a limited production, who has completed the attendance of the WSET Diploma, and participates extensively in wine tastings around the world, gaining important knowledge about international trends in production and the wine market. Aiming at the endless pursuit of quality, he opens the global dialogue in order to promote the specificity of Selective Greek vineyards. Today, Angelos Noulas, has developed his own vision expressed through the production of superior quality wines and more specifically of a series of international varieties under the brand name “Dialogue”.



Τhe Company

Angelos Noulas Selective Vineyards is a small winemaking venture based in Athens, Greece supported by a strong and competent team. They share a common winemaking philosophy aspiring to express the knowledge and experience gained from the international markets. Angelos Noulas wines’ aim is to bring to light the depth, diversity and individuality of the Greek terroir and challenge the highest of the International wine drinkers’ standards.