Our Story

 A business trip to Paris in the early 90s brought up the idea…


A business trip to Paris in the early 90s and the winemaker’s visits with friends to restaurants and bistros initiated the idea!!! It was actually  the chateaux, the vineyards and the “culture” of the French winemaking, that inspired him of a different life path.

Son of an agricultural family, he worked hard during the summers of his childhood harvesting fruits, tobacco, almonds. When he finished high school, he decided to travel, motivated also by his father who had never left the village. He left to study Computer Engineering at Darmstadt in West Germany and after gaining some working experience he returned to his country.

A trip to the vineyards of Burgundy was the catalyst. Two lives in parallel: telecommunications and winemaking. Through business trips in Europe and the US, he formed his philosophy in life … inspired by his childhood memories of nature and the village.


Next stop: his wine studies. He attended the Athens Annex of the British Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET). In 2009, he graduated with honors, accomplishing the best scores at Levels I, II and III and winning the WSET prize and a visit to the London Wine Fair. He is a candidate for obtaining the WSET Diploma.

After numerous visits to wineries, several participations in vinifications, in 1998 he planted his first vineyard in the area of Nesson in Thessaly, Central Greece. He experimented with a number of varieties: Batiki, Muscat of Hamburg, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Assyrtiko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. Experimental vinification concluded in 2010. He finally decided to maintain the Merlot variety and replace the other varieties with Merlot.


  • Grew up in an agricultural family at Sykourio-Larissa. His childhood is full of memories of traditional winemaking.

  • Studied Computer Engineering at Darmstadt University, in Germany.

  • From the early 90s up to 2007 worked in telecommunications and experienced the world. Initiated into winemaking in Paris during a business trip. Visits to wineries and wine regions in Greece and abroad.

  • First planting of vineyards in Nesson-Larissa led to experimenting with the varieties of Batiki, Muscat of Hamburg, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Assyrtiko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. 
  •  2001: Viticulture Seminar at the Agricultural University of Athens. He continues to study  winemaking up to 2009.
    2005-2009: Wine and Spirits Level I, II and III with Distinction, candidate for WSET Diploma.

    Up to 2010. Experimental vinifications resulted in the decision to pursue only the Merlot variety.


    First vinification.


    Initiation of commercial activity.

  • Adopts the “Selective Vineyards” model focusing on the specific characteristics of each variety.